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Hello, j'ai release il y a peu un petit projet javascript sur github qui pourrait intéresser les coders JS dans le coin.

C'est vraiment sans prétention aucune à part peut-être inspirer d'autres coders à tenter sa chance dans cette direction, plus orienté côté "musicien".

Je fais un ruff c/p de l'intro du README, car je me suis beaucoup répété dans la journée.

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// TL;DR

A simple sequencer written in javascript. As a sequencer, what it primarly does is to convert the current ms into ticks and beats. You are allowed (even encouraged) to register sequences that goes from a beat to an other beat.

Basically, it's only a singleton you could use as:

a demo engine
a possible starting block for your own visually editable sequencer
The idea came to me when I was thinking about a way to make javascript demos where visuals and sounds are processed through the same engine, to provide a purely synchronized experience between both worlds (remove the "art" from what I've just said).

I didn't even google to see if anybody came up with the same idea; As a musician/music maker/composer/you-name-it, I came up with a pretty naive and straight-forward implementation of the concept that would actually make sense to me... hence the use of a BPM and TPB ("tick per beat").

I guess it could also be a good starting block for a simple soundtracker in the end.


Vous pouvez gazer à cette adresse:
Et voir un peu l'idée à cette adresse: (need to make more demos of it :/)

ça fait du son ton bidule ?