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Title: Cebit Opening Musical
Post by: flngr on 09 March 2013 à 15:37:41
"Plastic, of #demoscene fame, co-created the live visuals for the #Cebit opening musical act with Platige Image - ( " (
Title: Re : Cebit Opening Musical
Post by: wullon on 09 March 2013 à 23:41:39
Mouais, j'ai pas trop capté l'aspect "live"...
Title: Re : Cebit Opening Musical
Post by: LLB on 10 March 2013 à 02:04:34
Je trouve ça chouette, mais faut lire le texte avant pour comprendre :
Cebit video is now ready for the pleasure of your viewing. We wanted to show the evolution of graphics and games across last 30 years. There are references from demoscene, old games and new games as well. In the end we are presenting in greetings part names of polish AAA and mobile titles produced during the last year. You might get surprised to know that those games were actually produced in Poland.
We had a chance to take care of technical side of an interactive event that was shown during opening ceremony of Cebit 2013. We made a sync between audio and video using MIDI hardware, Artists were also captured by two cameras, The image from cameras was silhouetted and mixed in realtime with the background graphics. We wanted to make the whole show interactive, but we didn't make it in time. Because of that the last part was rendered by studio Juice. It was another nice cooperation between Plastic and Platige Image. The installation uses our proprietary engine that we utilize for games and benchmarks. We would like to thank performers: L.U.C. and Nativizm who have perfectly driven our installation.

Bref, c'est surtout une démo ; et ils ajouté un poil d'interactivité via des contrôleurs midi et des caméras, pour mieux montrer que c'est temps-réel.
Title: Re : Cebit Opening Musical
Post by: kaneel on 11 March 2013 à 21:45:46
J'adore toujours autant voir des mecs faker d'être trop à fond à ACTUAL BPM *2 et de me rendre compte qu'ils ont beau s'énerver sur un trigger finder, ils ne font que trigger des micro glitches sous mixé..