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Offre d'embauche à Londres sponsorisée par Fairlight.

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im helping out some friends of mine who are looking to hire a coder. they are a numedia / art "collective" who are well known for producing projection mapping shows for major corporate clients all over the world, as well as interactive installations and all sorts of other things. they have a team of around 8 fulltimers although they're all artists/designers - in the past they've used freelance coders but they are now looking for someone full time to be based in house in their london studio (near shoreditch).

the role would be pretty much a dream for many democoders out there. in addition to creating realtime art installations and live shows you would be responsible for developing their tools and engine/framework. the work is varied, you'll be expected to add your own creative as well as technical input, you'll get your work shown all over the place to live crowds, you could work with some really interesting companies/organisations/acts, and there is the potential (likelihood, even) for some international travel.

the ideal candidate would come with plenty of realtime graphics experience, some tools programming expertise, an artistic eye and creative sensibilities, and lots of flexibility and initiative. it could be ideal for a games programmer who wants to do something new, or a good democoder of course. they're currently using Macs, OpenGL and a lot of their old (freelancer-made) code runs on openframeworks: this could be changed.

this role and the salary (broadly competitive with games programming) attached would ideally suit a mid-experience coder: they ideally want someone who's been working for a few years and has experience in a professional environment rather than a graduate - but it's probably not suitable for a warhorse whos done 10 years in the games industry. as stated they want someone fulltime and inhouse, although there could be some flexibility there for the right candidate.

in summary, this is a job that's incredibly rare: the opportunity to work as a creative graphics programmer at a cool company with interesting and varied work that'll be seen by lots of people, and you'll actually get paid decent money for it.

applications to me, please. if you can't find a contact address for me you've failed the entry exam. :)

Sponso par FLT ou bien smash se paye une bonne prime de cooptation? :D

Il travaille chez Sony non smash ?

1/ c'était une blague.
2/ la cooptation ne marche pas que dans sa propre entreprise. En france on est en retard là dessus bien qu'il y a eu des essais du côté de jobmeeters (un de mes anciens employeurs) et cooptin' mais ça se fait à l'étranger.

Ha ok, merci pour l'info du 2/.